Close Frontback, app to combine front and rear camera photos

It is likely that many records Frontback, a photography application that allows images to be taken simultaneously from both the front and rear cameras with the aim of completely immortalizing the moment. In fact, at the time we talked about both the iOS version and the later version for Android users. Now, Those responsible for the project have announced the final closure of the platform in an extensive note published on its official website..

As Frontaback CEO Frdric della Faille has written on the app's website, the closure is due to the low use of the app by users in many of the countries where it was available. Thus, after discussing the situation with the team and investors and realizing that they could not make Frontback a sustainable social network, they decided that it was best to close the application. Specifically, the closing will take place next August 15, date from which the application will no longer be available for download in the Android application store. As for the iOS version, it will continue to be available as a normal photography app, without any social aspect. Finally, in order to prevent current users of the application from losing their photos, The Frontback team will allow the download of the photos through the web until September 15. To do this, simply enter your username at the end of the statement released by the CEO of Frontback and click on the button Get my photos.

Source: Frontback