Close and all users will be migrated to Tviso

During the next months, the accounts will be transformed into Tviso accounts, as reported by email and Twitter, those responsible for a project that has been climbing a tree for many months.

With the removal of links that pointed to pirated content, seriesly became a portal for tracking series, features that were also (though not in the same way) inherited in your project. Tviso. Now they report that Tviso keep everything we like about, also integrating the content of the television so that we can monitor what will be broadcast.

In their blog they comment that they will migrate the data from, leaving the collections intact to continue managing what we have seen and what we want to see.

Soon, when we access, we will see that the redirection is done automatically, although for a time they will allow us to return to the original project before performing the final migration.

Defending Tviso, they comment that it allows to organize the collection of favorite content much better, as well as share what we see with friends, consult the material from mobile phones, receive notifications when they broadcast a series that we follow and much more.

With all the legal problems they've had (and will continue to have) inherited from the time when they shared links to copyrighted material, the name change was inevitable.