Clude me - tool for creating user groups

Clude me – tool for creating user groups

At the height of social platforms, especially with a view to Twitter and Facebook, there are those who choose the best of each world to create their own services. We have a good example in, a platform focused on all types of user groups, both large and small, both thematic and general, for both formal and informal activities, so that they can have their own space on the web. The groups have microblogging space, document hosting, simple discussion forums, event management, and also, configuration options, inviting other users and, of course, the administration of spaces by the users. administrators of the same. Simply, They are spaces where all kinds of user groups can generate activities and convene meetings with other members. Groups can be public, private, or hidden, and users can either create their groups or join the rest of the groups already created, which are currently very few. Finally, indicate that you can follow the activity both from the community as a whole to each of the groups to which it belongs, and that also, with the interaction you can get a series of points, in the style of Foursquare. Link: | Goes