Clustic – Companies, researchers and investors

I am presented with a new Open Innovation 2.0 portal:

It is a social network that facilitates interaction between companies, research groups and investors to carry out and share R&D projects, creating a space for participation and contact between researchers, companies and investors.

The investigator:

[…] find a promotion platform for your research and that of your technology center or university, gaining visibility in a favorable environment for attracting investment and the attention of companies or fellow researchers.

The companies:

[…] They will have a space to publish their innovation needs, learn about the R&D projects that researchers are carrying out and select those that best fit their needs.

The investors:

[…] They will have a space where they can learn about new areas of investment in the field of innovation, a social network where they can find projects in which to participate.

A very interesting initiative to learn about the projects that are being carried out in our universities, such as those shown at the Solar Decathlon Europe Madrid 2010, a competition between Universities from all over the world to build a prototype of energy self-sufficient housing with solar energy.