cnverg, an interesting virtual whiteboard for teamwork

In our selection of free online tools for teachers, we discussed, a year ago, some good teamwork applications within virtual whiteboards, and today we present one more that we cannot ignore.

This is cnverg, a web application that, compatible with mobile devices, allows any user to create a work panel and invite other people to consult or edit it. Each panel works exactly like a whiteboard, where we can hang notes, videos, background images, lists, texts, tasks …

We just have to click on the menu that appears anywhere on the panel to include a new object, an element that we can move and resize. We can, for example, synchronize it with github so that the development team can organize pending tasks in the form of a virtual dashboard, always with the resources available to organize, cross out or include new entities.

Cnverg is a free solution for teams of five or fewer members, with space of 5 gigabytes in the same version. From there the cost begins to rise, they even add a personalized option for companies that do not want to have any limits, neither of spaces, nor of users, nor of spaces (panels) that can be created.