CoderStack - job offers for programmers

CoderStack – job offers for programmers

This time, and especially for programmers who visit wwwhatsnew, we tell you about a new portal that publishes job offers for professionals in this sector. In CoderStack, the companies announce the search for personnel they are carrying out, with the description of the position, and the requirements that the applicants for the position must meet. CoderStack is very similar to a Q&A system, something like StackOverflow, but to discuss job offers in particular. The published offers are very attractive and cover different areas and technologies, such as .NET, Python, PHP, Ajax, HTML, etc. All offers that are published on this portal are written in English. So you must speak this language to be able to apply for the different job offers. Currently, English has been imposed as a base standard for all programmers, since most of the documentation, forums and other resources are in this language. The CoderStack portal is an interesting proposition, which can help you find a job. And it will help you if you master English and use new technologies effectively. So lucky, maybe you will find your new job there!