colcarros - Interesting model for buying and selling cars in Colombia

colcarros – Interesting model for buying and selling cars in Colombia

Oscar Vargas introduces me to, a portal for publication and purchase of new and used cars in Colombia with some features that make it quite interesting:

Registration is not required to post a car, the use being very simple and the new car registration process very fast.

– They offer a personalized service ( to large and small dealerships, with a very large space for individual sellers who cannot access large and expensive portals existing today in the country.

The idea is to provide a quality service to dealers and small sales professionals who have their stock of cars and want to keep it online. […] We have from a free plan to plans for very large dealerships, and we offer all the help, courses and advice to introduce small and large merchants in this world.

They have 2 key tools for people who enter looking for their car. The first is a alert system.

Basically the person tells us what car they are looking for and when one of this make and model is published, they will be notified by email.

The second is a purchase advisor system.

The person tells us what car he wants, gives us clues such as the budget he has, the use to be given, what equipment he wants, etc. client can contact you and make your offer.

A very interesting business model, focused on capturing the attention of the thousands of little ones who can add great benefits.