Colorful comparisons of product sizes, especially mobile devices

In, a website to compare products, services and other things, they have a space to make comparisons between their sizes in a visual and interactive way (drag and drop), with mobile devices and other pocket gadgets being the protagonists. .

It is quite useful in this time of shopping for example to analyze the sizes of different gifts: different versions of tablets, Apple phones vs Samsung phones, how SIM cards differ in size, looking at how thin one laptop is from another, comparing portable consoles, etc.

Regarding its mode of use, on the right side there are popular comparisons made by other users, while on the left side there are three spaces to define characteristics in each item to be added (if you want to do it manually): name, dimensions and geometric shape. The other way is to use the box that is displayed by clicking on Advanced mode (images, shapes …) allowing better handling of values ​​through the syntax explained at the bottom.

The tool is in English and Spanish, and it is also packaged as an extension for Google Chrome available for installation in the Chrome Web Store.