ColorHunt, carefully selected color palettes

Several months ago we published an article especially dedicated to those who work with colors, with resources that help create and manage palettes, obtain colors from images, find tones similar to others … resources that many use on a daily basis.

The thing is, often those who work with design only look for color palettes suitable for a specific client, and in that colorhunt can help.

It is a website that offers color palettes on a daily basis, combinations of different colors with application examples that can be seen quickly, ideal to sit down with the client and select some to decide the colors of the next job. Just click on each palette to display a window similar to the one you see in the screenshot above, with examples of designs applying the combination.

The project is very simple, but it is being quite successful in specialized forums. Users can even make suggestions for combinations, which will be analyzed by web administrators to decide if it is published or not.

In the top menu you can see the most popular tones, as well as the link to make suggestions and to contact the creators.