Confirmed: Google News closes in Spain

Confirmed: Google News closes in Spain

They confirm it In one of the Google blogs: Google News disappears in Spain.

Translating the closing part:

Unfortunately, as a result of a new Spanish law, we are going to have to close Google News in Spain. I will explain why. This new legislation requires that each Spanish publication charge services like Google News for showing even the smallest fragment of its publications, whether they want it or not. As Google News itself does not make money (we do not show any type of advertising on the site) this new approach is not simply sustainable. So it is with real sadness that on December 16 (before the new law takes effect in January) we will remove Spanish publishers from Google News, and close Google News in Spain.

The Spanish reality is sad, where a meaningless law is capable of closing a content aggregator for wanting to charge it a rate that no one can understand.

The rumor of the closure began a few hours ago, a rumor that the service would be closed next December 16, an inevitable decision after the implementation on January 1 of the new Intellectual Property Law.

The rumor began on, where they had access to Google data according to which the news was confirmed on the 11th. That confirmation has come ahead of schedule.

Shortly after the rumor started we saw the following message when trying to register a new medium in Google News Spain:

All specifies that Google News is NOT available in the country.

The message was released by thirteen bits, who also reported the initial rumor from Naciodigital.

Now the Spanish government communicates that it was a strategic decision of Google, unrelated to the rate of the new Law, so it seems that no one from the same government has read the official statement from the company, where it makes the reasons very clear.