Connection and interaction in virtual learning

During this week we have been honored in the I Virtual Congress on Free Knowledge and Education (CLED 2010) with the participation of great exponents of educational technology in Ibero-America, one of them is undoubtedly the doctor Cristbal Surez Guerrero. Very kindly, Professor Teadira Prez, member of the Organizing Committee of CLED 2010 has sent me some lines about the webconference Connection and interaction in virtual learning: beyond the social label presented by Surez Guerrero.

In the aforementioned webconference a tour of the new learning opportunities that are being generated by the use of new technologies as educational environments, with special emphasis on the role that social networks conceived from a socio-cultural perspective.

New technologies allow us to talk not only about the distribution of information, but also about technological social networks that allow the development of social interaction, where the fundamental thing is to learn with others and from others. Educating under this conceptualization requires understanding individuals: how they relate, interact and connect at the social level to generate content.

This excellent webconference allowed us to rethink not only about access gaps, but also about use and generational gaps. Dr Surez invited the audience to create social networks that allow education beyond the school: networks that are part of the development of identities in these new generations. The CLAY community was presented as an example of a social network that functions as a community of practice: groups of people united by common interests with different specialties that nurture the community since knowledge is created, shared and generated in a collaborative way.

CLED 2010 closing postponed

On the other hand, due to the numerous requests received and the technical problems raised in the last few hours, among which we can mention inconveniences with the web server and connectivity problems due to the inconsistency of broadband in different cities of Venezuela; the general coordination of the I Virtual Congress on Free Knowledge and Education has decided extend the formal closing of the Congress for a few days. In this sense, the closure did not take place yesterday, Friday, July 16, as originally planned, but will take place on the day Wednesday July 21 at 5pm (Venezuela time). According to this decision, the discussion forums and spaces for interaction of the event will remain formally open until 07.21.2010. After this date, all spaces will have free access to view the discussions, materials and shared resources.

You are invited to participate on Wednesday, July 21 at 5:00 pm (Venezuela time) to share your comments about the CLED2010 experience.