ContentAide - new tool to offer better content on Facebook

ContentAide – new tool to offer better content on Facebook

With the popularity that certain social platforms are gaining, companies are changing their marketing strategies to get closer to their customers through these social media, interacting with them like they have never interacted before. Making a brand in a social network an attractive brand is hard work that can be facilitated thanks to other tools, and one of them is ContentAide. ContentAide is a tool that Using its algorithm, select, classify and display the best relevant content according to a series of factors so that they can be attractive to customers who visit the brands’ pages through Facebook. It is a platform whose mission is to retain brand customers based on the content they offer through Facebook, these content being offered through ContentAide itself. In addition, ContentAide will offer brands reports on their company, their competition and their sector, in addition to reports of user interaction with the content that ContentAide itself offers through the pages of the brands. There are different pricing options, with a 15-day trial version available to test the service. Goes