Convozine - A magazine created between all of us

Convozine – A magazine created between all of us is a social magazine that is built with the articles that users create. In a time like this when social networks increasingly lead us to read the title + photo, this proposal seems interesting to me, because it motivates us to write a little more deeply, develop ideas and seek interest beyond simple sharing . In general, Convozine is a personal / social magazine system where you can create your magazine with your articles. You can upload your photos, create your categories, etc. Your Zine will be visible to any user who accesses your profile or finds you by tags. From here on, if you consider that what you have written is interesting, then that is when You send it to the directors for review of the magazine and they decide whether to feature it on the cover or in one of the many general sections that exist. The journal is in English and in the article submission form they emphasize the need for quality of the texts, writing, spelling and interest. Each month they hold contests about stories, photography, etc. where all users can participate by submitting their articles, with cash prizes of around $ 500.