Could Facebook compete with LinkedIn in the future?

Could Facebook compete with LinkedIn in the future?

It certainly seems like a rhetorical question since Facebook already competes with the rest of the networks, platforms, search engines and, progressively vertiginously, consolidates itself as the largest social project in the world. This trend of fierce competition between social networks has become a habit. However, despite the fact that Facebook, as the social network par excellence, has become its own ecosystem in which all markets and industries have a place, and yes, employment too.

Branch Out, a real competition

Additionally, the paradigm shift resulting from the social emergence has resulted in a substantial modification of the pillars that traditionally supported the search for employment today, relationships are established between professionals and in response to interests and needs.Proof of this is Branch Out of Facebook, which has 250,000 monthly users and a growth path of 2,500%. Betting on new trends consolidated in efficiency, which means saving time and spaces where to carry out a work activity.Linkedin for its Part remains a great showcase not only for job seekers, but mainly to unite professionals, thousands of new alliances and synergies emerge every day from the observation of professional profiles and the interaction of related brands.

Efficiency, the key to success

Factbook’s idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmoving the office to a more personal setting is not only resource efficient but it is established as a perfect blend of the potential of Linkedin and the infinite nature of Facebook.Branch Out is truly fierce competition for LinkedIn, 100 million users that comparatively with the 600 million of Facebook, makes the employment social network a dwarf compared to Facebook with active users in 1/3 of the world simultaneously Only in the United States, 70% of companies consult Branch Out daily in Facebook, even surpassing Google searches. Although in the Spanish-speaking market, Branch Out is still not very well known, the projections predict a very good expansion path.

Branch Out, many possibilities

The power of Facebook in the business and employment framework is undeniable, with an efficiency that grows exponentially thanks to the social network made up of individual networks of contacts, it is not surprising that more and more users use the social network to find everything. they seek, including employment.

Linkedin weaknesses

It is more than evident that Facebook’s strengths start from a clear and unshakable starting point; Users feel comfortable on Factbook, interaction is pleasant and understanding of the functioning of the social network is very intuitive.Branch Out is developed thanks to a very accepted and expanded current of thought that considers Linkedin, although it is true that It is an effectively developed tool, it is also a reality that is very tedious, it does not encourage interaction and does not allow the construction of a network of any kind.In a social cycle like the current one, we cannot forget that all alliances and synergies are of the kind that Either- they have a higher level of penetration the more interaction there is, not for nothing is interaction one of the main responsible for virality and diffusion.Linkedin begins to become obsolete in a world in which the employment paradigms have been the first to emerge. be modified. Today professionals and teachers are immersed in the new generations of the Internet, where the balance occurs the greater the social interaction.

Strengths and weaknesses, two worlds, two options

Now it is one that Facebook transforms everything it touches into gold, but it is also true that the social network has a detractor current that continues to defend privacy, intimacy and the separation of the social aspect from the workplace. Branch Out reignites the debate around the lack of privacy of the social network. However, the numbers and data that surround Branch Out invite us to a reflection; More and more people are betting on the social ecosystem created by Factbook as a way of life and, although Branch Out has taken measures related to intimacy through which it allows the interaction between the social and the professional through the nexus of The union that is the wall, with the main objective of silencing the voices that demand greater intimacy and privacy, what is also a reality is that the vertiginous rise in the number of Facebook users, leads Linkedin to reflect on a reality of which Reputation -social and labor- the global reputation is undoubtedly the philosopher’s stone of success in the social cycle, it is only built with the opening mix no, mix no, total integration of the two worlds, we are the generation of the revolution in technologies and their adaptation to all habits, practices, uses and customs, and it is precisely with the staging of all facets inherent to the human being that the most important aspects are consolidated. icro societies that build the current social fabric.


Facebook is definitely already fierce competition for LinkedIn.Article written byCarolina Velasco, from SHOUT! for