Couplace, an app to communicate and organize with your partner

Couplace contacts Wwwhatsnew to introduce us to their new mobile and web application created exclusively as a way to communicate with the couple, and designed so that both members do more things together and have more motivation when it comes to taking care of the relationship.

Based on the fact that it is essential that there is good communication to enjoy a couple relationship to the fullest, what Couplace allows us is to be able to access a service created to share small moments, situations or events in a new way, independent of the busy pace of life we ​​lead.

For this, we have different tools both on the web and mobile versions, such as a private instant messaging system with support for photos, videos, stickers and the possibility of sharing freehand drawings, a service to find interesting offers and plans, section to organize plans in your spare time and a customizable gallery of multimedia material that both members of the relationship can access.

It should be noted that messages sent from the messaging system are encrypted on Couplace’s servers and therefore we will be sending information securely. You can use couplace on any tablet and mobile by accessing the web version, since it is cross-platform, but if you want to download the application for iOS (available for iOS7 and more functional) you can do it from here.