cambios certificados Coursera

Coursera's “Verified Certificates” now say “Certified Courses”

Important information for the thousands of people who use the hundreds of free University quality courses offered by Coursera and choose to pay for one of the Verified Certificates that have been operating on the platform for a couple of years: From now on, They will be able to get more out of it by sharing them with employers and other interested parties because they will have a more striking detail.

This is a slight change in the name that is presented, particularly, printed on the certificate generated by completing such courses once again, when opting for payment certificates. With this, The Verified Certificate label will no longer appear on the paper, but a new one that indicates Certified Course.

Thus change the appearance of the online certificates or diplomas of Coursera whose novelty will be shown in the ribbon at the top right that adorns them:

The people from Coursera explain that what was Verified was thought to refer to what was achieved by a real, existing person with a verified identity. However, the name is renewed for increase the clarity of what is offered especially to employers who may find more value by viewing the Course title.

But the value of the verified identity does not stop and this detail, being able to send specific personal data to be associated with the certificates, thus increasing their validity, is already starting to be offered for free as well. Rather, at least identity verification has started showing up at some courses without any fee.

Anyway, for more information, it is worth checking the official blog of Coursera; And, as usual, there's no need to sign up for one – or several – of the dozens of free Coursera online courses present in compilations and this other page.