Coverfy, an app to manage our insurance and save money by optimizing prices

Today we present Coverfy, an excellent free solution that allows us, from the mobile phone, to manage car insurance, health insurance, that of our home and others, allowing from the consultation of data to the clarification of doubts or the declaration of a Sinister.

One of the most interesting features of Coverfy is that it allows you to save on your insurance without having to worry, since it looks for you better prices and coverage, compared to your current insurance, and taking into account your needs. These personalized offers may belong to your own current company if you have a better offer or one of the more than 30 top-tier companies the app works with. In addition, we can be sure that Coverfy will offer us only more convenient options than the current ones, since the business model is based on charging insurers for the management of these insurances, so it is in your interest that we be happy with the service long term. Similarly, by freeing the insurer from these efforts, that commission does not increase the price of the insurance compared to contracting it directly with the insurers.

To register, it is necessary to use our telephone number, obtaining a code to subsequently register with the name and ID (Spain), signing to make it clear that we want Coverfy to act as our insurance brokerage and thus be able to recover automatically all the information of our policies directly in the company.

Once we are Coverfy users, we can propose situations to find the best option. One of the objectives is to avoid paying twice for the same insurance, since often two companies cover the same need, so it will not be necessary to pay both. As an example, they indicate the possibility that a VISA card already has health insurance on a specific trip, so it will not be necessary to contract another or extend existing health insurance.

The paperwork necessary to change insurance or improve your benefits can also be done from within the application. It is only necessary to use the mobile phone to make the changes that we consider necessary, as well as to renew them, since it has an alert system that will notify us of the deadlines for each one.

From the app we can contact our personal advisor, professionals hired by Coverfy, with official qualifications, so that they can solve the possible problems that each client has from their iOS or Android device. This contact can be made by chat, email or telephone, so it is always available.

We can also declare a claim simply and quickly, avoiding bureaucracies and speeding up the process at the right time, when our nerves are not at their best.

Currently, they work with more than 30 top-tier companies, such as AXA, Allianz, Catalana Occidente or DKV, and are constantly closing new deals. Anyway, we can incorporate the insurance of any company into the app and enjoy the same features.

You can try it today from