Cozimo - Project, in Spanish, to discuss designs with clients

Cozimo – Project, in Spanish, to discuss designs with clients

Today, at the request of one of you, I was looking for some online design discussion system in Spanish that allows us to send jobs to clients and comment on them on the web page, avoiding the sending and receiving of hundreds of difficult to track emails.

[…] the round trip emails with the tests and adjustments eat up our time and our heads: Creative-boss-reception-client | Client-reception-boss-creative. We need to share the pieces and documents with the rest of co-workers and freelancers and at the same time with the client in a way that is simple, very visual, with the possibility of making comments online […]

There are many solutions, such as or, but finding it in our language is not an easy task. The fact is that I remembered a project that I spoke about in 2007,, which already has a good part translated into Spanish. allows us to draw and leave notes on images, videos, documents and PDF files with any browser, at any time, allowing to take the discussion to the web. The control panel is quite intuitive, allowing the creation of work groups:

The free account is limited to one project, although it allows an unlimited number of members in the project.