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Create a vehicle seat whose tilt can be controlled by gestures

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It seems that an action as typical as manually controlling the tilt and position of a vehicle's seats could be numbered. At least, this is what a group of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC intends.

The group of researchers we are talking about has had the collaboration of Isringhausen GmbH & Co. KG for the development of a fully functional prototype that allows drivers to adjust the position of their seat using only hand gestures on sensors. As they affirm in the source, the prototype consists of a synthetic cover and a series of sensors on which you have to slide your fingers in the same way that we would do on the screen of a smartphone. These sensors must first be activated by clicking on a specific place in the seat, a measure that aims to prevent us from changing the position of the seat by mistake. Then We can make the necessary gestures to indicate if we want to move the seat forward, backward or control its inclination. The prototype we are talking about has been designed for use in commercial vehicles, where drivers often spend long periods of time behind the wheel. Since the same person does not usually drive all the time, it is necessary to adjust the seat frequently. Therefore, the seat will be very useful for this type of drivers, since once its position has been adjusted, the configuration is automatically saved so that we can access it later. In this way, setting up the seat after another driver has done it only requires several taps instead of having to start again.

The prototype of the seat will be presented next September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source: Fraunhofer