Create a way for a computer to design its own robotic body

It seems like the plot of a dystopian movie, where computers create their own bodies to end the human race, but it is not like that, it is reality, and it comes from the hands of researchers at MIT.

They have developed a way for a computer to design its own robotic body, based on available parts and local terrain.

It is the RoboGrammar system, a software capable of analyzing the obstacles that need to be covered and what equipment is available, and from there it designs the perfect robot for that terrain.

The lead author of the article, Allan Zhao, told MIT News that despite the variety of tasks robots are used for, their designs tend to all be very similar in shape or design, with this new system it will not be Thus, since a robot that needs to walk on the sand will be different from one that goes up the mountain.

The only limitation of RoboGrammar is the practical limits around building robots.

[…] In a simulation where the terrain was rugged, the best design looks more like a crocodile than anything else. The robot is then placed in a simulation of the terrain to ensure that it works in a way that makes sense.

At the moment human intervention is necessary, but they believe they are close to manufacturing devices that are better adapted to their environments and are more efficient than we can currently dream of.

Now they want to start building some to see if the system is ready and to see if the simulation matches reality.