Create your store on Facebook [Opciones en espa√Īol]

Create your store on Facebook [Opciones en espa√Īol]

We have already mentioned several different options to create a store within Facebook, although in recent weeks alternatives have been appearing, in our language, that are worth taking into account. I leave you with the list:


In Spanish and not free, with a single management with 2 very different windows: one on the Internet, and one on Facebook. They are concentrated in Spain, although they will shortly begin to spread in Latin America.


Another option in Spanish, without free options, although they do not charge per transaction. They are open in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.


In Spanish and free until the first sale. It offers a statistical system that reflects customer data through graphical practices.


Free for stores with up to 10 products. We can show the products we have for sale, access access statistics and disseminate them with campaigns and promotions, all integrated with Shopify and Magento to facilitate payment.


Ideal for selling t-shirts with our drawings. The user of the application only has to upload the design, it is the QStoms team who is in charge of manufacturing it and sending it to the client. It is also the user who chooses how much he wants to earn for each design, and to that amount, Qstoms adds a percentage for manufacturing and management expenses.


With professional templates, real-time statistics, multiple languages ‚Äč‚Äčand customization of html and css.


Customizable, with wish list and secure payment gateway integrated with Paypal technology. You have three other options, in other languages, in the January article 3 ways to create an online store within Facebook