Customer Service on Social Networks

Customer Service on Social Networks

The concept of customer service has been so badly used historically that even, at the present time, it does not reach its real dimension, being this one of the main causes of failure of brands in their strategies in social media. Imagine for a moment the actual sequence that occurred, when Web 1.0 had not gone from being a symbol of power focused on top managers and families of higher socio-economic level, Web 2.0 comes to us and with it the question what are you doing? … begins to penetrate our lives.

First as mere communication channels of a social nature and in a dizzying way caused by their dynamism, ease of access and their viral nature, as essential platforms on which to establish the new social order, necessary in the face of the fall due to the dominance effect of the old economy. .

Customer service, justice, human rights, constitution, welfare state, citizen protection, financial systems, business, financing and so on are transformed into terms with negative connotations and that due to lack of attention, present a level of atrophy that is The concept of customer service acquires not only the relevance of being included in the algorithms on which the search engine is governed to elevate brands to stardom with positioning, but also consolidates itself as a powerful and indispensable tool Customer service is transformed and consolidated as the new way of building a company, the philosopher’s stone of corporate communication, the basis of branding and, without a doubt, essential for an adequate online reputation.The concept of customer service acquires special relevance with the arrival of the Mobile Web, transforming its social nature into an efficient channel towards achieving greater joint benefits, both for brands and for prosumers, is the efficiency of the social network.But what are the keys to achieving efficient and effective customer service?

Brands and people, indivisible

The main social media strengths are people, do not forget that your message is for people, forget about the machine when it comes to transmitting.Active listening, although repeated ad nauseam, never weighted enough. Active listening is the variable on which the framework that makes up the brand and its community is based, the mere transmission of content is not enough to achieve loyalty, only through interaction and pro-activity open the necessary channels to initiate active and constructive dialogue with his followers, giving the community the dynamism necessary to achieve the objectives. main commitment must continue to be with the productive modelOr, do not focus on promoting only your brand, the commitment to quality, whoever it comes from, is essential to meet the requirements that social media contemplate for users.Now it is possible that all these actions speak of a permanent presence In social networks, what is a reality is that the social cycle through which we travel is comprehensive, it is more than evident that social networks have fully entered our lives and are present in each and every one of our habits and customs, so it would not be anything strange to say that permanent connectivity, especially since the emergence of the mobile Web, transforms us into human beings 100% connected to the information that underlies without limits in social media, with interaction with other users as part of the consolidation of the social fabric and with the total commitment to the model, a model as infinite as we are capable of becoming more and more human 2.0 or social humans, as preferred. To conclude, the best definition of the current concept of Customer Service is found at the origin, where anthropologically, the main customer, we are, the greater the commitment to quality and the model, the more optimal results .