Cybershoes makes it possible to walk in virtual reality

Cybershoes makes it possible to walk in virtual reality

After showing up at CES last year still as a project initiative, after getting the necessary funding through a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter, Cybershoes, an innovative footwear controller for video games that literally allows walk, run or run away through virtual reality.

At their presentation this year, in addition to commercializing the product, Cybershoes received the CES Innovation Award. In that instance, along with displaying the finished product, they demonstrated a new feature that allows users to track their physical activity and determine the distance of their virtual trips at the CES booth at Cybershoes.

Cybershoes work tied directly to your feet. While you are sitting on a rotating stool, you are ready to start your virtual reality adventure. These controllers are compatible with any virtual reality game and work with SteamVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Quest via Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop and games from the Oculus store, Windows Mixed Reality and Pimax. With Cybershoes attached to your feet, your gaming experience will be controlled by your own physical movement, so you can walk alongside giants through snow-covered canyons, roam the battlefields set on fire with dragon fire, or charge abandoned cities to eradicate the mutant hordes as if you were really there, according to what their presentation indicates.

The list of games tested with Cybershoes can be found on a Google spreadsheet, which receives periodic updates based on the tests carried out by the team after this invention and the reports received by the user community.

For the most enthusiastic gamers, Cybershoes offer a series of features and benefits, among which are:

Activity monitoring: its users can now track their physical activity while using Cybershoes and determine the distance of their virtual trips.

Advanced immersion through natural movement– Cybershoes can offer players an immersive experience, by allowing them to control their movement in the game by walking instead. With this, the player can really feel like his character in the game.

Precise directional tracking: The player's vision is independent of the Cybershoes' direction of travel, which means they can fully observe their surroundings while walking, bending over or bending over to pick up objects thanks to the highly accurate motion trackers in Cybershoes.

Unboxing of a Cybershoes kit

The Cybershoes team, which is made up of 12 people, has been looking since 2015 to generate the possibility of walking in virtual reality. We realized how closely VR content is tied to this potential. We love good content, but our passion is to delve into the fundamentals of the human-machine interface pointed out in the presentation published on its website.

If you want to know the full story behind this initiative, you can check the history of updates that the team after the Cybershoes shared on Kickstarter.

The basic kit costs $ 299 USD, which contains the Cybershoes and the Cybercarpet, which is the platform on which these shoes operate. Other variants of this product with more accessories gradually rise in price, with the best-equipped package reaching a value of over a thousand dollars.

You can check all the details alluding to this product on the website of Cybershoes.