Daily rewards are here in Pokémon Go

Opening Pokmon Go daily to see the usual monsters, chasing them, as always, to get the usual prizes, is not something that encourages much to continue as a user, and from Niantic they know it.

Many users have stopped participating in the game, although few have uninstalled it. Many of us still have it on the mobile, waiting for something new or to show the Pokémon collection to our nephew.

In order to encourage users to open the application at least once a day, Pokmon today launches the rewards, prizes that will be given when capturing the first Pokmon of the day or when turning the first pokeparada, prizes that will increase if we manage to do both tasks daily.

These rewards, which were already announced in the beta version during the last days, will arrive from today to the final version, and will only be increased if we manage to collect them for 7 consecutive days.

To celebrate the new show, at Niantic they announce that, until November 11, we will see more pokmons than usual, and the pokeparads will give more prizes, which encourages us to increase our rigid collection.

They are already preparing the arrival of new creatures, dozens of them in the long term, although their main problem is that we still cannot change creatures with other users or fight against them.