DailySplice - complete podcast publishing tool

DailySplice – complete podcast publishing tool

Here we have another tool to take into account for those who are dedicated to the world of podcasting, both in audio and video. Is about DailySpice, a place where users we can access and subscribe to available podcasts through the different categories and subcategories, and on the other hand, users can create, personalize and publish episodes on our own channels. Focusing on the possibility of creating our own channels, the characteristics of our user accounts will depend on the type of account we use, from the free version to the personalized version. Once our channels have been created, which can be public or private, from our administration panel we can start to publish our own content, having two channels, either by uploading it from our local system or by making the corresponding recording by telephone, although this second case we are almost not going to be interested. Anyway, for this second case we have the steps to follow. Once each of our episodes have been published, we can share it through a link or by integrating it on any website. It should also be noted that we can include a launcher of our podcast station through a widget on any website or through a full page, whose code we will also receive through DailySplice. In our station we can also add podcasts generated by other users. Also add that in our control panel we have other tools for the management and control of our podcasts and our audience. If we dedicate ourselves to the world of podcasts, DailySplice may be an option to consider, of course we must have the limitations of the type of accounts we choose. Goes: GreatStartups