DeckReport - An information dashboard for company directors

DeckReport – An information dashboard for company directors

One of the largest projects in which I have been involved in my professional life was related to the issuance of automatic reports for managers of a large company, obtaining data from different departments so that presidents and directors always have the necessary information at hand. , without going into details of its source, to make strategic decisions It is with this idea that DeckReport was born, a tool that allows assigning reports to different managers of a company, displaying the information in a control panel that can be customized depending on the needs. of each company.

As you can see in the image above, we can show or hide the information, classified by pages and by managers, to have different views of the same data. Each user within the company will have access to the edition of the associated pages, with the possibility of establishing meetings, creating scripts for them and showing results that can be seen globally. An excellent way to manage the data of any company in an application that, at the moment, is only available by invitation (you can request it on the main page). Here you can see a tour with more screenshots and functions.