Dell Introduces Its First Premium Chromebook, A 2-In-1 With Stylus

Dell Introduces Its First Premium Chromebook, A 2-In-1 With Stylus

Dell Introduces Its First Premium Chromebook, A 2-In-1 With Stylus

The Chromebook market is full of cheap laptops, where low cost, endurance, and basic functionality take precedence; But that does not mean that there is not a premium sector of Chromebooks, notebooks dedicated to the user who is looking for something else.

They may not be many, because normally the enthusiastic user does not look for an operating system like Chrome OS. But recent improvements to the system, including the possibility of using Android apps, Linux apps and soon to install Windows, have made it much more attractive.

Dell’s first premium Chromebook

At this key moment of Chrome OS Dell arrives with its first premium laptop with the Google system. The Inspirion Chromebook 14 is a model with the design and quality that this manufacturer has already accustomed us to; but it also has a couple of hidden nice surprises.

We are facing a 2-in-1 model: and that means that it has a 360-degree hinge with which we can put the screen as we want, even as if it were a tablet. A screen that is 14 inches, but unlike other Chromebooks is 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, and with IPS technology, so we expect a quality image. To this we must add the fine bezels it presents.

As for the hardware, it also opts for a processor that we do not usually see on these laptops. The Intel Core i3-8130U is a powerful enough option that it will allow you to reach 15 hours of battery life. It comes with 4GB of DDR4 2400 memory and 128GB of SSD storage.

It is striking that it has two USB-C ports, one of them for charging, in addition to a normal USB-A, an audio jack and a microSD card reader. But above all, it is important that this laptop comes with a touch pen, which we can keep in the same chassis and take it out when we want; It uses EMR technology, so it does not use energy like other alternatives.

It is a good addition for a laptop that won’t be cheap compared to other alternatives with Windows. For $ 599, it’s an option to think about, especially if we’re attracted to the ability to run Android apps on the desktop. It will be available in the US in October, with no information now for the rest of the world.