Demolition Dash - The Birth of Zilla, for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Demolition Dash – The Birth of Zilla, for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Dreamfab, the well-known mobile games creation company, and the development studio Chimera Entertainment, announce an impressive game that will delight iPhone, iPod and iPad users. In Demolition Dash (with HD version for iPad), players take on the role of Zilla, a small red monster with an enormous destructive instinct, who wreaks havoc in eight major metropolises. Impressive graphics with a high quality audio production mean that you are already entering through the big door in these devices that every time have to envy less than portable consoles. Running and jumping, Zilla will stomp and destroy everything in her path, being rewarded with bonus points. If you miss a jump or an enemy strays from your path, you lose life and, little by little, your tail. In individual stages, players can also collect special items that will transform the monster (increase the roar, transform the wings, make it invincible…). Zilla can transform into SuperZilla or, in some cases (red star consumption), GodZilla.

Paris, Moscow, New York or London – no monument is safe from Zilla on a total of 24 different levels.

The game has a series of achievements, which can be shared with friends via Facebook or Twitter. We will have online the lists with the best scores in the international challenges, as well as explanations on the screen so as not to lose detail. I will leave you with some screenshots, to get you started, although you can see more material on the project page at www.dreamfab .com.