Digits experiments with telephone number change and voice verification functions

We talk again about Digits, the login system that Twitter launched at the end of last year to offer developers a way to allow users to easily identify themselves in their applications simply by using their phone numbers. , avoiding the use of combinations of username and passwords. Well, from Digits today they have announced the launch, on an experimental basis, of the functionalities of change of telephone number and verification of telephone numbers via voice, both through the web and for iOS, in a series of countries, although They are open for launch to other platforms and passes.

This experiment responds to the need to address other possible scenarios in which users may find themselves, in order to apply additional options to achieve verification that allows users to identify themselves in those desktop and mobile applications where Digits is integrated, with the mission to facilitate access to their user accounts in a simple way.

In this way, those users who change their phone numbers or who for any reason do not receive SMS messages, the two now experimental options address these two possible scenarios so that, when possible, they are definitively integrated into the service for use by end users.