done dave

Donate Dave, an option to create your website for free, without ads and without knowing how to program

Many times professionals need to have a digital business card, a showcase on the web that shows what they do, the contact information, where it is … basic information that in many cases you need much more than a profile on Facebook or Instagram.

With that in mind, Done Dave was born, a platform from which we can create a basic, elegant and compatible website with mobile devices, without ads and with the possibility of associating it with a domain name if we wish.

With a methodology similar to that of Wix and other builders, it allows us to edit the content of the template we choose. It is possible to change images, texts, logos, colors … and change the template whenever we want.

Since their goal is to help self-employed professionals and small businesses, there are templates for carpenter, plumber and other professions, with stock images and structure appropriate to the type of work performed.

In its demo video, which we leave here, it is possible to see how in a few minutes we can have the web ready, altering the texts to adapt to what we do or to put them in our language.

The only disadvantage I see is the fact that behind the project there only seems to be one person, so if you can’t find a business model or some kind of problem occurs with the platform, there won’t be the resources that other big players in the sector do. that have. It is true that we can add our email and own domain for 20 pounds a year, but that is a price very close to the cost of traditional own domain, so it leaves very little profit margin for Dave.

As an advantage: the designs are very well cared for, the web created loads fast and there is a total absence of advertisements or components that are not related to the project we do within its platform.

You can try it at