Why the date of the Windows drivers is always 2006

Don't force upgrade to Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft warns you

Why the date of the Windows drivers is always 2006

Microsoft alerts users: If you want to avoid problems, don’t force the update to Windows 10 Creators Update.

The Creators Update It has been with us for a couple of weeks, it is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system for computers, tablets and convertibles, although in recent days it has also begun to reach compatible smartphones.

As usual, this update has not reached all users on the planet at the same time, but is carried out in stages, in phases. However, the company itself created an ultra-simple update wizard with which users could update to Windows 10 Creators Update instantly. Or at least that was the goal to date: now Microsoft does not recommend updatingthis way unless you are an expert user.

Why shouldn’t I update?


That is, Microsoft creates a simplified upgrade wizard for all users to adopt Creators Update on their computers and they can try all the news and changes that it includes, but now, weeks after having it published and giving it logo, it recommends not doing it.

According to the company, which has posted on its blog about the first few weeks, they only recommend using the wizard to force the update to advanced or expert users who are willing to deal with possible problems that may arise.

It is another way of saying that the update has bugs or failures (they admit to having problems with Bluetooth on some computers) so if you do not want to share them, you must wait for this controlled update to come naturally to your PC, which can lengthen the wait several weeks.

At least in our case we have had no problems forcing the update with the wizard, but just in case, here are some tips and steps to take before launching the update. Also, if you have already updated and everything is working correctly, with this trick you can free up more than 20GB of space on your SSD or hard drive.