Draw a Stickman, a game, for mobile and Windows, where the protagonists are our drawings

I have had it on my android for a long time, but only now have I discovered that there are new versions of this game that can already be enjoyed on both Android and iOS and Windows.

Is about Draw a Stickman, a game that includes some demos on its website (, as well as some videos showing what its proposal is.

The idea is original and simple: we draw the protagonist of the story, and we can draw him as many times as we want, since there is the possibility of remaking him at any level of the game. The doll in question will walk through scenarios in which it is necessary to fulfill specific missions, and for this we will have to continue drawing on the screen elements of all kinds: clouds with rain, fire, lightning, keys … as we progress through the levels, It expands the collection of objects that we can draw to help fulfill them, so there comes a time when the possibilities are quite wide.

The drawings are entertaining, well designed, although the plot is very childish. It is ideal for children between 5 and 9 years old, who are able to use their imagination drawing and understanding what needs to be done to achieve the objective of each phase, although it is more fun to play with them in front.

The game is not free, although a couple of weeks ago the first version appeared as a free app of the day in the Amazon Android section., It is possible that offers of this type will appear again to disclose the new projects they have developed, always based on in the same idea.