Drive, Gmail and other Google products suffer a drop in their services

If during the first hours of the day you have had problems accessing Gmail or other products of the Google ecosystem, do not panic. The problem does not come from the state of your device or your connection to the Internet, although in the first instance a warning appears on your screen that acknowledges this reason after the fall. Rather, the problem comes directly from the origin of these services.

There are eight products of this Internet giant that were part of this interruption, which has aroused the surprise and discomfort of many of its users, which has not been slow to manifest itself through social networks.

Gmail, Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Groups, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Keep and Google Voice are the services affected by this fall. Given the relevance that many of these services have in the day-to-day lives of their users, by focusing on productivity and communication, this event has captured the attention of those who have been able to verify it.

In some cases, access to services can be achieved intermittently and some of its functions are limited. For example, in Gmail the main problem is focused on sending emails, in Drive the greatest difficulty is around creating files, in Meet there have been difficulties to make recordings and in Google Chat the sending of messages is limited of text.

More than 4 hours after the reported fall, Google continues to work on clarifying and solving the incident. Through G Suite Status Dashboard, an open platform to monitor the status of the services provided by the company, you can find periodic updates from the Google team, who up to now say they continue to investigate the problem.

G Suite Status Dashboard report, captured after reporting the fall

In the Google services status monitor, those that are experiencing interruptions are labeled with an orange circle. The table allows you to keep track of these events on a calendar basis. In the column that groups today’s reports, you can find linked a file with the details of the situation of each service, which groups each of the reports issued by the Google team to update the news of the case.

In parallel, there are other alternatives to inspect the status of an online service. A popular option is Downdetector, a site where the last few hours have also been reported falls from different latitudes.

As often happens when situations of a similar nature occur with other services, such as social networks or streaming platforms, the fall of these Google services has brought with it a great impact, making Gmail a trend on Twitter.

Despite the difficulties that this situation could cause for those who use these tools as part of their digital routine, other services with a large influx of users, such as YouTube or the Google search engine itself, fortunately were not affected by this situation.