Drivy arrives in Spain, to rent your car and earn money with it

Drivy, the private car rental platform, arrives in Spain at, an application that helps us earn some money by renting our car to other people, as well as using someone's car for a short period of time. weather.

The rented car is covered by Allianz in case of theft, accident or breakdown, and in the event of a traffic violation, the driver is solely responsible. Drivy will charge a commission of 30% of each rental, but the price is defined by the owner. On its website there is a reference price calculated randomly for a rental of four days and 100km per day, but we can change it at any time without problems.

There is a pre-filled rental contract that we can print directly from the web, being necessary to check the condition of the vehicle with the driver and mark the checklist offered so that there are no doubts.

At the moment it is only available in Barcelona, ​​a city in which several cars that can be rented have already been registered, although they intend to expand through Spanish territory soon.

In total there are 51 people working at Divy, based in Paris and offices in Berlin and Barcelona, ​​one of the most popular private car rental platforms in Europe.