dropbox millones de usuarios

Dropbox exceeds 400 million users

Important day for Dropbox since it is officially announced that more than 400 million people use its platform.

1,200 million files synchronized every day, 100,000 new folders and shared links generated every hour, 4,000 editions executed every second and 100,000 businesses using its service are the figures Dropbox boasts of to know that it has an active community and so numerous that it already exceeds 400 million users.

It is worth mentioning that its online storage service was only created in 2007 and since then it has stood out for exploiting the basic idea of ​​allowing access to personal files at any time, anywhere thanks to its compatibility with multiple devices – and securely, a such a striking idea that it was later copied even by Google several years later.

Along with usage statistics, they share in the official announcement that it no longer only deals with Dropbox to save images, documents and presentations, but the world uses it to maintain specialized projects, quickly review files with its integrated viewer and even manage more documents thanks to your search engine, which, at least in its paid version, includes being able to consult within them.

PDF viewers in your apps for iOS and Android, in addition to playing GIFs and a more practical system for commenting on files shared through simple mentions are other features that strengthen your arsenal.

More information: Official Dropbox blog