Gana dinero como jardinero en Minecraft

Earn money as a gardener in Minecraft

Do you have skills to gardener and play Minecraft? If you meet both requirements, then you may have the possibility of being hired by WhatShed, a British company that offers consulting services for people who buy gardens.

And what is it about? Well, a job offer aimed at the search for people who want to occupy the position of virtual gardeners for Minecraft.

That’s right, the people who are hired by this company must carry out gardener work within this game, advising players with information that allows them to improve the green areas that make up their virtual world in this scenario, earning an initial estimate of 50 pounds per hour, equivalent to about 60 euros.

Those interested in applying for this job must comply with the following:

  • Have demonstrable knowledge of Minecraft
  • High communication skills.
  • Great creative ability
  • Passion for gardening and previous experience in outdoor garden work

It should be noted that all this work must be carried out remotely under specific guidelines, so it will not be necessary for the people hired to reside in the United Kingdom to perform it.

Among the tasks to be fulfilled, the person chosen as a gardener for Minecraft must evaluate the current configuration of the client and, based on this, provide comments with a high creative approach.

In addition to this, the person hired must suggest configurations to the client that adhere to a previously established budget, as well as develop some designs that help them to give their garden a unique appearance.

Despite being 50 pounds the rate offered by the company as payment per hour worked, the people hired may have the opportunity to assign a higher value, as well as the working hours.

Regarding the duration of the Gardener position for Minecraft, the description of the offer does not specify whether it will be temporary or long-term.