Eat With Me - Create and meet culinary events and meet new people

Eat With Me – Create and meet culinary events and meet new people

Little by little, social networks are facilitating communication between users, allowing, among other things, the creation of events. There are all kinds of events, including going out to eat, although many times these events are focused on groups of people already known. Eat with me offers a different way of creating culinary events, as it It is a social network specialized in the creation of open events to go out to eat, where any user can search for events in their own area and join them, or create them for people in their area, their closest neighbors, to sign up. When creating any event, the type of event that is, lunch, dinner, picnic … will be defined, among other things, the type of place, the date of celebration, and so on until finally defining the maximum number of guests. . Each user will have in their profile, among other options, a calendar of events in view and a wall where they can publish their messages, which can be public or private. And now the usual thing is missing, the critical mass of users who make of being a social network an alternative so that it perfectly fulfills its mission, it is a shame not to have Facebook integration to easily capture other users.