Dron Nauru, usado por ICMBio (Foto: ICMBio)

Ecodrones, the project that takes drones to analyze the health of the Amazon jungle

Nauru drone, used by ICMBio (Photo: ICMBio)

Drones to fly over the jungle in search of burned or destroyed areas by humans, that is the basis of a project announced today in Brazil: Ecodrones.

This is an initiative of the Chico Mendes Institute for the Conservation of Biodiversity, ICMBio, and the organization WWF-Brazil, a project that aims to transmit images in real time of areas that are suffering attacks illegally (either to obtain wood or to create growing areas).

At the moment they already have the model Nauru 500, with autonomy of 4 hours of flight and possibility of moving up to 80 km from the point of origin (already used in other regions of Brazil). They are now waiting for the National Civil Aviation Agency to approve two other models, but there is no definite date for that release.

The problem today is that many of the illegal loggers block access by land by putting logs on the roads, something that can be avoided with this type of drone.

The project has the technical collaboration of the Federal University of Gois and international NGOs that manufacture equipment for this type of activity, as we read in a balloon.

They have already defined the main areas to be monitored, all of them on the so-called axis of the BR-163, which connects Cuiab, Mato Grosso, to Santarm, Par.