Edit PDF documents without leaving Chrome with NotablePDF extension

Edit PDF documents without leaving Chrome with NotablePDF extension

Edit PDF documents without leaving Chrome with NotablePDF extension

Right now, if we want Edit some document in format PDF, we will have to resort to some external tool to help us in the task. And believe that this can be quite a difficult task. The market does not offer many utilities, and what there is is almost always paid. Undoubtedly, use an extension to Google Chrome It is an excellent idea to edit this type of files.

Therefore, we are sure that Remarkable PDF It is very useful, if what you want is to edit electronic documents without having to pay for licenses or suffer headaches. And I can tell you, with the use I have given it, that the complement fulfills its mission: to allow us edit .pdf in a simple way and without major complications. A software to keep in mind.

Editing PDF directly in Google Chrome

You already know that, in order to use the extension, you will first have to install it in your browser and do login with your user (don’t worry, you can create it in a few minutes and for free). Once you have done it, you will have at your disposal the interface of the program. A very basic graphic section that does not give rise to those.

When you start using it, you will have to select the file you want to edit, after which the corresponding editor will open. Basic, but functional: thanks to it you can change texts, make general modifications, and even put annotations that will help you comment on the pages, for example.

When you have finished editing the document, you can save it, print it, or even serve it to Notable’s servers and then share the link with our friends. Several possibilities that you should keep in mind.

A simple, light and free editor

What strikes me most is not only that Remarkable is tremendously easy to use, in addition to very easy. It is also the fact that it is gratuitous. Not every day you can edit PDF files without spending money. Tennis any better alternative?

We are not saying that you installed the extension as soon as you read the article. Of course, the next time you need such a program, here you will have a good option. Already available from Chrome Web Store, so you can download it at any time.

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