Eegoes - social network where you can share the topics that matter to you

Eegoes – social network where you can share the topics that matter to you

Social networks, but above all, the recently appeared social networks, at the functionalities level, are becoming quite similar. Where they can really make a difference is in the use to which it is directed, and there we have Eegoes, a new social option where users share those topics that interest us the most. We have followers and we can be followed, the number of comments and posts is counted, and it also has user groups, which can be public or private, and we can also create new groups. So far the song has been the same, and another topic that is becoming more frequent is who we direct our publications to. And so it is, we can write notes, that locations can be attached, and that we can also say it openly or restricted to our followers only, in addition to its possible republication both on Twitter and Facebook. We can also post images, videos, links or events. Our stream has three display modes, where in any case the contents can be commented, positively or negatively evaluated, in addition to a particularity, which we can spread it if we like it so much by attaching a personal comment of up to 250 characters. We also have the ability to send and receive private messages. The intention of Eegoes is that we can create our network of contacts with similar tastesHence, we receive follow-up recommendations from other users, to spread our ideas, to promote our events and so that we can establish discussions with our networks.