Electronics outlet, Cashpoints, private club ... great news in Oooferton

Electronics outlet, Cashpoints, private club … great news in Oooferton

From Oooferton, LiveShopping platform in Spain with discounts of up to 80% off and one of the sponsors of WWWhatsnew.com, they announce me great news that accompanies a cleaner and more modern design. With new pets on the web, the pig will continue to be the protagonist, disguised on special occasions and representing the symbol of the typical piggy bank.

On October 1, they launched claudiasoutlet, a private club-style electronics outlet where they will always have between 3 and 6 active campaigns, as well as a section of opportunities that will sell at special prices (offers that were left in the oooferton warehouse).

They have also introduced the novelty of the parking order.

When you buy you pay the product and the shipping costs, and you keep it in the parking lot and when you make new orders you park them and we send it to you when you want, and you only pay the shipping costs once

Very interesting for those who make low-price purchases and prefer to group products so as not to spend too much on shipping costs.

On the other hand, they have recently launched Cashpoints:

For each next generation (friend of your friend) you will receive 4.0 Cash Points, which can be converted into discounts at the rate of 10 Cash Points = 1. We also have a ranking of the top Cashpoints and we give the first 5 gifts, iPod type, Cameras …

A good avalanche of news that must continue to grow to continue leading an increasingly popular market.