elTenedor - online restaurant reservations in Spain and France

elTenedor – online restaurant reservations in Spain and France

We continue with the large restaurant reservation portals to talk today about eltenedor.es, one of the main in Spain and France.

With more than 400,000 visits per month and the possibility of making real-time reservations in more than 2,500 restaurants and enjoying promotions of up to 60% off, the fork has a new and simple opinion system thanks to which the user can comment your experience in the restaurant and consult the opinions left by other users.

In your profile you will find a detailed summary of your gastronomic trajectory on ElTenedor.es: restaurants visited, the ones you liked the most, etc. And it is that having lunch or dinner in a restaurant, reserving through ElTenedor.es, is from now on a culinary experience.

With ElTenedor.es, restaurants are increasingly close to hotels and air transport, applying variable rates depending on the market situation. With an effective reservation management system that allows them to know their availability, take note of reservations or build a database for subsequent Marketing actions, it has several tools for restaurants to manage their business.