Email spam hits its lowest in 12 years

Spam is one of the main problems in the Internet world. In fact, surely on more than one occasion you will have received an email announcing that you had just become a winner of a billionaire lottery prize or the typical phishing emails from your supposed bank. Still, tal and as we have read in a report published by Symantec, the month of June has been the best in terms of spam received in the last twelve years.

The prestigious Mountain View-based computer security company known as Symantec conducts security reports on a monthly basis. In the most recent of these reports, The company indicates that 49.7% of the emails analyzed during the past month of June have been considered as spam., 0.6% less than last March. Although it may seem a small amount, it is all really important news for the Internet world, especially considering that we are facing the lowest number of spam since 2003. In addition, threats from phishing and malware sent by email have also suffered a decrease during the month of June. Despite this, there has been a significant increase in the number of existing malware threats. According to Symantec data, we have gone from 44.5 million variants in May to 57.6 in June. Specifically, ransomware has been one of the fastest growing threats. This type of malware is responsible for blocking access to the user's computer until the user pays a certain amount. After reaching its lowest figure last April after twelve months, the number of detected attacks of this type has increased to 477,000.

Source: Symantec