eMe - Live music concerts, exclusively created for the internet

eMe – Live music concerts, exclusively created for the internet

eMe is a project designed to offer all fans the possibility of participating in live concerts, exclusively created for the internet, designed by fans collaboratively and free for the user, allowing registered members to connect and interact with their favorite artists in real time, decide the format and type of event to be held, as well as have exclusive gifts and products from their favorite artists.

eMe allows record companies and artists to build a sustainable and solid business model online, through which they can interact and learn first-hand about the demands of those who love them most.

From the web, eMe users will be able to see an exclusive live concert by Maldita Nerea, but they will not only attend the concert online, but they are the ones who are choosing the time of the concert, the songs they want the group to play, as well as your order. In addition, they will be able to chat with the group members during the concert, listen to an untold song, qualify for exclusive gifts and prizes, etc.

eMe has already arranged with various record companies a long series of musical experiences with leading Spanish pop-rock artists, which will take place in the coming months. With more than 10,000 registered users, offer your first musical experience on November 21 with Damn nerea, n1 in the main lists of the country both in radios and downloads.

A much smarter business model than the canon, of course …