Empire Avenue - Linking Social Media with Investing

Empire Avenue – Linking Social Media with Investing

QuesEmpire Avenue?

Empire Avenue is an interesting mashup created in Alberta, Canada that, through a game, aims to unite our activity on social networks in a virtual economy where our social life is our best investment. A portal that a few months ago came out of beta closed and that we can already enjoy without a prior invitation.

How it works

We will have to register and report the data that make up our profile in order to start linking our social profiles, which will be our source of quotes. Once this is done, we will unlock different achievements which will allow us to win some virtual currencies.In the upper part we will find the Leaders section, a section that will allow us to know, through user rankings, who are the most active of the platform in global or among our friends, organized through social networks, communities, etc.

Also in the same upper bar we will locate the community, a page that will allow us to join the cities of our colleagues, or even buy them. In this section, we can also create our city, for which previously we will have to pay 14,000 virtual currencies.

User profile

Once invited to our friends, we can see through their biography card what their recent activities have been both on social networks and on Empire Avenue. We can see the latest achievements, as well as those you already have, check what interests you the most, see the blogs you manage or even the communities you are currently participating in, among other information of interest.

Investing in users

When we create the user by default, we have 10,000 points from our actions, a value that increases or decreases depending on the achievements we receive or if another user has invested in our profile. To invest in a friend or user of Empire Avenue, we have to use the button Buy from the top of your profile, once this is done we will have to choose how many shares we want to buy (Max.200) and return the total price per share. It should be noted in this regard that as we invest in stocks, we will gradually increase our wealth and will generate more attention from the rest of Empire Avenue users. It must also be said that it is advisable to buy shares from users with a share value greater than 12 or 13 in parentheses (+1,000), in this way we will know that they are an active person and that they will probably return the investment.

Inviting colleagues

At the beginning of the article I had made a small paragraph about invitations, but we will explain in a little more detail how much we can do and what we will receive for each invitation made. When we create an account, we receive 3 invitations as standard. If they are achieved, we will receive another 3 invitations and successively, these requests will unlock different achievements which allow us to earn more coins to invest.

Following users

In addition to all the characteristics that we have mentioned above, we can also follow or have other users follow us, for this we must use the Follow buttons of each profile or use Find People to find users who share the same tastes or who live in our own pas, among other possibilities. If we manage to get quite high numbers of users who follow us, we will start to gain achievements (min.50 followers) that will give us more coins and relevance.


The portfolio is a section that we can find in each of the profiles that we visit that will allow us to know how many people have invested in it, the tweets it has sent, the times it has been recommended, the last movements that the user has made, among other data. .

Give us your opinion

If you have tried this application we would like you to give us your opinion in the comments highlighting what you liked / impacted the most about this project, also if you wish you can publish your username so that they can follow your profile.