Empires & Allies: Zynga's new game on Facebook

Empires & Allies: Zynga’s new game on Facebook

In the next few hours Zynga start offering your new strategy and weapons game on Facebook: Empires & Allies. This delivery is very peculiar since it is the first time that Zynga has decided to offer a title in this category, although the curious thing is that it did not choose to leave aside the graphical aspect that was seen handling with traditional games.Empires & Allies is a game in which it is intended that the same player can set his own limits and game modes, being strategy and creativity two key points in growing our nation. In addition, working together with our friends will be very important since that way we can advance faster and take even more advantage over the rest. fixed and determined history, for which you will be fulfilling different missions. Throughout the plot, you will find that you must first design your own empire, then organize the troops and go to your first battle. After that, battles against friends who also have troops will be enabled, being able to even build alliances with them to kill the villains in a simpler way.As we said, the mutual contribution between friends is something very important, and in Each visit to the nations of your neighbors, you will be helping them by providing them with energy and some collection items, receiving in exchange the so-called Honor Points.

According to the company in charge of developing Empires & Allies (Amer Ajami), this game would come to be a combination between the known CityVille and Risk, based on the fact that it takes the graphic section and the gameplay of one, but inspires its idea and its missions in the other. In this way, it is intended that any Facebook user can be attracted to this new installment, leaving aside the idea that it is only a game for boys. This is of utmost importance since Zynga is very clear that of its 250 million Fans, many are middle-aged women, so offering a very violent game or weapons and bombing could provoke rejection in them.

Empires & Allies is a social game of combat and strategy: the perfect combination of CityVille and Risk, says Amer Ajami, executive producer of Empires & Allies at Zynga. We want our players to have fun in a whole new way and strategy is a challenge for us. In this game creativity is key: you have to decide your own destiny, build a nation … And if you set your mind to it, you can conquer the world.

On the other hand, in the official description of the game, It is said that the plot and its story include about 30 characters that will help the player, who will have special characteristics and will reveal different mysteries and key aspects of the game as they progress. In short, Empires & Allies is an interesting bet from Zynga, which tries to enter another more special category of games. However, the presence of constant tutorials and graphic animations allows every player to feel comfortable and encouraged to try this new experience. In addition, it is already known that the game will be available in 12 different languages, among which English and Spanish are included.Go VentureBeat