Escrilandia - learning to write creatively

Escrilandia – learning to write creatively

Escrilandia is a website created by Antonio Muoz Germn with the aim of developing the reading and writing skills of students in the first cycles of Primary Education.

When we enter the web, we are greeted by a nice stork who invites us to enter the world of scrilandia. In it we can visit 4 sections with different play activities: illustrate the story, invent the ending, postcards and descriptions.

Escrilandia is designed to be able to work on literacy both continuously (for three weeks) and in a timely manner and can be used both individually and in group sessions with a digital whiteboard.

The program presents the possibility of, in each game, choosing the most appropriate level of difficulty, being able to choose between level 1, 2 or 3. Each level has increasingly detailed help options.

With the help of a computer with accessibility possibilities, this resource can be used without problems, since it has an accessible version in which each element is given a name, a description, an abbreviated method (when necessary) and a specific order of tabulation.

The website has a didactic guide and a detailed guide so that teachers learn to use the tool and can get the most out of it in their classes.