Essential plugins for the Firefox version of Android.

Essential plugins for the Firefox version of Android.

Browsers have been responsible for improving browsing performance, establishing standards for protocols and plugins that provide us with many integrated resources for our daily tasks, one of them is Firefox, now with its version 4 recently released. We show you some plugins that should not be missing in your Android version.

Adblock Plus

A useful program to block ads or annoying advertisements when browsing, it is based on a subscription list in several languages ‚Äč‚Äčin order to eliminate most of the most popular spam or malware.


A modern plugin that avoids typing those super secure passwords that most of us have, which is a bit complicated when doing it on mobile phones. This application allows you to enter passwords through patterns on your touch screen.

Less Spam

It is a security extension that allows us to create a disposable email address for those sites where we intend to leave a comment. It is based on Mailinator, Humaility, YopMail or MailCatch services. The email address is recoverable for the same website.

URL Fixer

URL Fixer allows us to automatically correct the web addresses that we write many times with errors.

Bigger Text

Install larger fonts to facilitate the reading of texts on any page.

Reading List

This plugin allows you to save web pages, to later review it in the list of saved pages.


Phony helps to be able to access websites without them detecting that we are using Android, posing as an iPhone or desktop browser, for example.

Mobile Profiles

A way to manage different profiles through this plugin. Since firefox saves browsing history, passwords, websites, and user preferences, we can create various browsing profiles for the whole family.

Lazy Click

Another plugin that corrects certain errors, such as when we need to click on a button or another object but the size of our fingers prevents us from doing so. For this, this tool allows us to configure error radii, for example. Go to Cnet