evenTeve, a very complete application for the organization and management of events

evenTeve, a very complete application for the organization and management of events

Whatever the time of year, there will always be something to celebrate, and if we can’t think of anything, at Eventebe we will have plenty of suggestions for the current month. And what is Eventeve? Today evenTeve It could be considered as the most complete tool for managing particular events.

And it is not for less, since in evenTeve we can manage from our personal panel all the events where we are going to attend, with their corresponding reminders and other functions, whether we are the guests or the organizers themselves. Y as organizers, we can create as many events as we want, whether public or not, where we can set the dates or allow the guests to choose some dates or others, among other characteristics.

Obviously we can manage the guest lists for each of our events, having several ways to import contacts, including the address book of evenTeve. We can also manage the responses of each of them and take into account which of the guests confirm their attendance.

But it is also curious that since evenTeve We are allowed to create the menus for our events, within the advanced options, and we can even give the guests the possibility to include those they would like to taste in them. And if that wasn’t enough, we can ask guests for help through the surveys that we can create, so that with their help, we have the most perfect events possible.

The list of functionalities is long, but evenTeve It is easy to use, although at the moment the service is somewhat slow, perhaps because of the novelty. Undoubtedly an interesting and very complete tool, to date, for the creation of particular events.