Eventuo - Ticket sales and event organization

Eventuo – Ticket sales and event organization

Among all the options we have on the web to organize events, I am going to tell you today some news that comes from eventuo.com.

The platform has reached more than 1,000 events throughout Spain, with 8,000 users in less than 8 months.

The tools that make up Eventuo, such as attendee registration management, the integration of services on the user’s website and the simple process for the collection of tickets They have been key aspects to facilitate the work of the organizers and for the platform to continue growing as it has been up to now.

Eventuo launches its pricing policy for the organization of paid events this month: 2.5% of the ticket price, with a minimum of 0.50 and a maximum of 9.95 euros. However, Eventuo is still free for events that have no cost to attendees.Founded in June 2009 and available online since November of the same year, it is a platform that allows the sale of tickets and the organization of professional and non-professional events. Its founders, computer engineers and entrepreneurs Jordi Gerona and Jacobo Andreu, detected the need to reduce costs of time and money in programming and in the development of events. In February 2009, they were chosen among more than one hundred projects as finalists on the SeedRocket campus for entrepreneurs, and in June of the same year they were incorporated into its facilities at Barcelona Activa. Since then, they continue to advance in the development of new applications to facilitate the organization of events for users.